Will There Come A Time When Watches Will Become Obsolete?

In the present times, if you consider a wristwatch to be solely a timekeeping device, then no doubt, watches have indeed become obsolete. However, that is not all that watches stand for. Although it can be a little tricky to understand it, watches have a purpose far greater than just keeping track of time. Although they are extremely practical items to own, people who own them confess a variety of reasons why they think automatic watches and others are here to stay for the long run. Let us check out the top reasons why watches are not becoming obsolete anytime soon!


  1. Plain Common Sense

Watches are amazingly practical and help you keep track of time when it seems to be getting away from you. If you are looking to know what time it is, all you have to do is flick your wrist to know. They are also super reliable when you are swimming, and you just have to steal a glance to know when to get out of the water for that ever-crucial business meeting.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Besides being extremely functional, watches also have a certain aesthetic appeal that not many accessories can compete with. A classic watch is a timeless accessory to go with any outfit, and if you are dressing to kill to go on a date, you can rest assured that there is a classy watch to go with your dress as well. Therefore, besides being incredibly practical, wristwatches also have an undeniable aesthetic appeal and they elevate the outfit as well as look of a person substantially.


  1. Luxurious Indulgence

On top of everything, watches are also a luxurious indulgence that speaks volumes of the kind of lifestyle you lead. Many people have confessed that for them, watches are a symbol of their social status and financial stability. It is the purest form of indulgence for them, just like a fancy and expensive yacht. It helps them remember the hardships they had to overcome in order to come into that kind of money. Hence, more often than not, people buy watches for an elaborate ostentatious show or to demonstrate their financial stability.


  1. Lifesaver from Embarrassing Situations   

Have you ever sat in an interview across a terrifying interviewer of a reputed company and wanted to check how much time has passed since the interview started? If you do not have a wristwatch in such an occasion, you might have to commit the unforgivable blasphemy of glancing at your smartphone to check the time. It will definitely not bode well either for your job interview or for your career for that matter. Same goes for when you are on a date that sucks or a business event that is boring you to tears. Therefore, owning a wristwatch can save you from such potentially disastrous and embarrassing situations.


Final Words

Therefore, if you have been wondering if watches will become obsolete in the near future, the answer is a firm NO! They are so strongly embedded in our day-to-day lives that they are not going anywhere anytime soon.