Why Seiko SKX 007 is Still the Daddy Watch

Why is Seiko still so underrated?

When we think of premium watches with a ton of features we instantly think of Swiss made fine watches. But they are expensive, and if you are looking for a cheap one, then you can bid goodbye to all those features you expected. Seiko is a company that takes care of customers from all sections of the society. However, you will hardly see it listed under premium watch beside Rolexes and Citizen.

Seiko makes watches ranging from basic mechanical watches to expensive collector’s items under the brand Grand Seiko. The high-quality Japanese watchmaker has been in business for a very long time, and over the time we have seen some amazing and innovative improvements in their watches. From developing Hardlex as a substitute to Sapphire and high precision quartz watches they have done it all.

Unlike the Swiss brands who market their watches with the name of their brand names, Seiko actually takes care to address the necessity of the consumers. While other companies have premium diver’s watch, Seiko has a range of diver’s watches ranging from the basic ones up to the high-end titanium ones. Good marketing cannot compete with good watchmaking, and that is what Seiko has proved time and again.

The best feature of Seiko is its range of watches. At a lower price point, you get all the expensive features you will find in truly expensive watches. Seiko creates more than required accurate watches with extremely precise engineering at a price which you can afford. Even their quartz watches are more accurate than its competitors.

Now if they are so good why are they not so popular? The answer can range from ignorance to stigma. Continuous advertisement of the Swiss watches has created a mindset that only considers them the standard in the world of watches. Those who have worn a Seiko watch will testify how good they are and how faithful they can be. One needs to wear a Seiko watch to appreciate the marvel of Japanese watchmaking.

Seiko is one of the most innovative watchmaking companies in the world. The Seiko SKX007 is a prime example of that. This watch is a timeless piece of engineering and can take a hefty beating. It is one of those rare watches which you can easily modify and replace the parts with easily available Seiko SKX mods. This goes in showing how customer-centric Seiko is since modding the watches only cost a fraction of the cost of a new watch.

Unless you wear a Seiko watch, appreciating their craft is difficult. Surely once you have a Seiko watch on your wrist, you will fall in love with it.