How to Choose the Right Watch for An Occasion?

Due to the rapid development of technology and the supply of products that this generates every day, many devices that were previously indispensable are lagging. Therefore, we tend to think that smartphones have replaced watches in their basic function of pointing out the time. However, watches go beyond that purpose and remain crucial to represent the personality and lifestyle of people.

Some people look for robust, water-resistant and shockproof watches while brands and fashion designs attract others. Many others still prefer the classic automatic watches. The market offers elegant and luxurious designs that project the elegance and good taste of its owner. Some models even allow us to see the mechanism inside through a window on the clock face or contemporary designs that do not skimp on details of these small mechanical wonders.


The key is to choose watch models that reflect the personality, are comfortable and are consistent with your lifestyle. However, it is also essential to select the most appropriate type of watch for each occasion and attire. Many times, mistakes are made when combining the watch with the costumes. James Bond is a clear example of elegance and sophistication. However, sometimes, his renowned diving watches are not the most appropriate models to wear with a tuxedo because we should never wear ostentatious watches or steel bracelets on such occasions.

Taking this into account, here are some recommendations to choose the most appropriate clock model for yourself!


  1. When wearing an elegant suit, the most recommended models are the classics. They can be silver, gold or the new pink gold, preferably with a black background. A watch with a leather strap is ideal for wearing with something that is as elegant as a suit.
  2. For work, it is perfect to wear a comfortable leather strap watch, a classic and sober style to generate an excellent impression on customers or colleagues. You can also be a bit riskier and use models that are capable of projecting the freedom and energy of their owners such as watches with open-heart mechanisms.
  3. To play sports, the ideal thing is to wear a comfortable watch that is proof of everything, a companion that shares your character.
  4. For casual events, you can use watches with a plastic or metal bracelet. They can be colored if the costumes match.
  5. It is important to consider the size of the wrist too before you buy a watch. If it is small (below 15 cm), you should avoid very large watches (38 mm to 45 mm in diameter). Similarly, if the wrist is large, you should find a watch that does not get lost on the hand (more than 46 mm).


Watch lovers are one of the most demanding buyers as they review the mechanism, technology, and design of every watch. Everything is significant for them because they appreciate it as a valuable jewel, which in many cases, are inherited from their loved ones. Therefore, the importance of knowing how buying a watch according to the personality of each person cannot be stressed enough.