Features of Classic Citizen Watches

Citizen Watches have been in the market for more than a century now. There is definitely something about them that makes them one of the top choices for people for more than a hundred years. These watches have some features that are unique to their particular brand, and that is the reason they have been in the market for such a long time. Citizen watches definitely stand out amongst its competitors. If you are browsing through the catalog of Citizen watches, you will notice that there are some unique features associated with them. These features can be the deciding factor in choosing one watch over the other.


So, let’s check these features out in classic Citizen watches!


  1. The Use of Eco-drive Technology

Citizen watches use eco-drive technology that lets them harness power from any of the light sources around them. This can be artificial light or natural light whichever is in the vicinity of the watch. This technology simply converts this light into energy. This energy is permanently stored in a lithium-ion cell. Thanks to this technology, you never require a battery for these watches. This technology is capable enough to store enough energy that would last several months in the dark. This is truly a miraculous technology that makes these watches unique.  


  1. Extreme Precision Through Atomic Timekeeping

The “Atomic Timekeeping” ensures that these watches deliver extremely precise time. This accurate time is then transmitted to your watch through specially designed radio towers. Thanks to the Atomic Timekeeping, the time in the watch is automatically adjusted, and you get to see the precise time on your watch.


  1. A Permanent & Perpetual Calendar

The watches made by Citizen have a perpetual calendar which means it does not require any kind of resetting of days especially on the first day of each month. It is completely automated, and your watch can set the exact date. Sometimes, it can even set the day of the month as well as the year. These watches even keep track of leap years so you absolutely not have to worry about the accuracy when you have a Citizen’s watch. You might have to make changes according to daylight savings twice a year, but that depends on the place where you live. Overall, it is one of the most accurate watches that you can find.


Bottom Line

Citizen watches definitely stand out because of their special features that are not easily found in any other watch. It does not require any batteries and is capable of storing energy from any form of light. Hence, buying this watch is a one-time investment. Moreover, the atomic timekeeping and perpetual calendar make these watches even better. If you want to check out any of these features in the Citizen wrist watches, you can visit one of their stores and check them out. They are truly fascinating. So, which watch are you choosing next? You can check out the features of all the watches and buy the one that suits you best.