Are Watches Really A Representation of Your Personality?

The way a person carries himself/herself as well as his/her personal style all say a lot about the person’s personality. It also gives a fair idea about their overall ethos. Talking about a man, one look at him and the watch he adorns can easily help you understand some key aspects about him and his personal sense of style. Although several items can tell you a great deal about a man such as his clothes, his body language, and his haircut, nothing comes close to the things you can assess merely by looking at a man’s wristwatch. This is why it is often said that if you wish to make a statement, wear a killer wristwatch!


There are many low cost and pragmatic brands such as Casio watches that speak of frugality and utilitarianism. Other high-end brands talk of timelessness and iconic style. Let us check out the top 5 premium brands that speak of a man’s overall ethos, style and are respected worldwide for the massive statement they make on a man’s wrist!


  1. Rolex

The top brand on the list is a Rolex which can be regarded as the most recognized and known watch brand all over the world. If a man wears a Rolex watch, a few things you can tell right off the bat are that he has a reputation for secrecy and mystique. A Rolex is a symbol of masculinity, style, success, and sophistication.


  1. IWC

The International Watch Company is pretty much as expensive as Rolex and is renowned as an elite watch with a cult status. These watches are timeless, elegant and classic, all the things you want when you think about a luxurious watch. A man wearing an IWC watch is a confident man who is extremely passionate about his security and comfort as well as usually conservative and modest.


  1. Omega (Speedmaster)

And how can we miss Omega from this list! Omega is synonymous with a solidified commitment to creating masterful timepieces that are designed to draw all sorts of people with its elegance and unmatched aesthetics. This luxurious line of watches is designed with skilled perfection and again, speak for unparalleled taste.


  1. Cartier (Santos de Cartier)

This Parisian jeweler is all about sophistication. Cartier is definitely one of the most successful watchmakers throughout the world and has also designed jewelry for kings and queens. Owning a Cartier watch is being successful, luxurious and decadent all in one go. Cartier offers stunning and sleek timepieces that are absolutely timeless and classic.    


5. Patek Philippe (Perpetual Calendar Chronograph)

Patek can easily be regarded as a watch that is definitely not meant for the common man, not even for the wildly successful one. This is a big and boisterous item that is considered to be one of the finest brands of a watch in the world. Owning a Patek boasts of elegance, style, and opulence in one breath.



Therefore, as can be seen, wristwatches can be a true reflection of your personality and style. So, which watch fits yours!