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Cruze is renowned for being the best UK Seiko mod parts shop. We ship globally and have been around since 2016, creating bespoke parts such as the AP Octo Bezel.

The Seiko SKX007J

Cruze Watches

Here at Cruze Watches, we have the best selection of quality men's and women's watches. We sell many similar brands to high street retailers, except without the high cost and yet including all full manufacturer warranties and expectations that you have with the top brands such as Seiko and Seiko SKX mods, Tissot, Hamilton, DKNY, Adidas, Armani, Bulova, Citizen, Diesel, Casio, Hugo Boss watches, Omega, Michael Korrs, Orient and more.

We have watches to suit every budget from $150 to $300 and beyond. We sell top end Hamilton watches that sell for over $2,000 but our main sellers and best are Seiko, Orient and Casio; some of the most solid, bulletproof and good looking men's watches, as well as women's and children's watches, too.

We acquired Joot a few years ago, which were the leading UK Seiko mod website. We now have the stunning and unique AP Seiko SKX mod, called the Octa bezel, which we are drumming up pre-sales enquiries so that we can put them back into production. Only 25 are in the world, where three were bought by the same modder in NYC, and now you can get your hands on one of, if not the, best Seiko SKX 007 mod money can buy. Made in 316 stainless steel, paying homage to the Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet, the Octa bezel transforms the look of the SKX while still retaining the best lines and shape. Having been CAD drawn and painstakingly designed to be a push fit and easy to use (on genuine SKX cases, replica cases from Asia may need a thicker gasket as they aren't exact SKX sizes). Now, there will be another 50 sold in the world - with me, the owner of Cruze holding onto two of my own for my SKXs.

If you're looking for a Father's Day gift, a birthday or Christmas present for your son, brother, uncle, dad or grandfather, then buying a quality watch at a reasonable price is a wonderful idea. A watch is usually a man's only piece of jewellery, and that makes it a perfect gift as it's a constant reminder that you're thinking of him and even better, some people have many watches, so having an option of a different watch for smart wear, going out socialising, sports and extreme events, and work watches (desk divers), then choosing an affordable watch as a gift is a good idea.

We stock our watches around the world with our suppliers, so delivery can be quicker, but at the time of writing, the global pandemic is still causing issues, so please be aware that delivery may be interrupted slightly. We are based in the UK, but can deliver to Australasia quickly from our Singapore branch, and USA/Americas quickly from our Florida branch, and European sales from our UK branch. As with all countries and sales, you may be liable for tax in your home country, and must obey that fact, we cannot be held accountable or change the value of the goods for you to save on tax as that is illegal and our insurance on the watch delivery would be invalid.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look around, check out the brands and watches we have, and buy the very best watch you can afford which will last a lifetime.